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I made another one

2008-08-29 02:27:16 by Trilliams

YAY I made another chip war and its allot better than the first one

Leave a comment so i no who's been on my page please


2008-08-19 23:26:38 by Trilliams

ITS FINALLY HERE though its crap ITS STILL HERE for anyone who knows my thing???????????


I made A new one before chip war I'm SO SO SO SO Sorry -18.gif


2008-07-31 03:21:18 by Trilliams

Not sure what to do here but don't want it to be blank so i'll tell you about whats happened recently not much has happened recently so I'll oh wait im making a flash my first flash its called Chip War I reckon its good but um...
yeah nothing much so i'll put a video here and my E-Mail is

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