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To all beginners

2008-11-08 11:41:20 by Trilliams

if you are a beginner (like me) im starting a collab of people that want to be in it it doesn't have to be funny or brilliant but it has to be 550 px wide and 400 px high and 15 FPS just to show new grounds some fresh talent (you don't have to be young you just have to be a beginner in flash) it has to be at the best of your abilities whether thats good or bad please don't make it offensive or rude just good tell me if your in and send me them bye December 10th 2008 and i will submit it... well i dont know well it doesn't matter just tell me if your in


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2008-11-08 11:42:35

I'll think about it.

Trilliams responds:

sweet but whats funny is I just posted this and already some one said something