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2008-11-07 00:51:51 by Trilliams

I've found out how to unblock the school thingy if you want to know how just ask and i will PM you or e-mail whatever works for you


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2008-11-07 01:18:53

Hey! your Aussie!

Trilliams responds:

I see you are to thats awesome


2008-11-07 01:45:12

Hey faggot, either learn to write a real blog or GTFO off my website bitch!

Trilliams responds:

Hey dumb fuck its not your website its Tom Fulp's (spell check doesn't know Fulp lol) your not Tom Fulp your some dumb fuck trying to make people think your Tom also i got nothin else to say so stick it


2008-11-07 06:13:40


Trilliams responds:

I'm sure you've seen at school you try to go to a website like newgrounds and it will say blocked cos of personal pages that thing


2008-11-07 06:37:35

cum on my poo

Trilliams responds:

You are just a fucking idiotic disgusting stupid mother fucking human been people like you should be hung over a cliff by the neck and stabbed the shit out of im 13 for fuck sake you sick cunt